Chilman Second Valley

Some owners of businesses quite rightfully question, “are business brokers a waste of space”.

Our task is to add value with a view to creating a balance between maximising the sale price of your business and finding the right buyer(s)

This is not a quick fix “rip a buyer off” experience but rather exploring how to genuinely create better value in the eyes of a purchaser by being credible….. after all, a sale requires not one but two happy parties.

Valuation of a business is a combination of an art and a science. Interpretation of value is wide and varied, depending if you’re a buyer or seller. Nevertheless a commonsense and credible approach is the most appropriate. Essentially, return on investment (ROI) is the most accepted valuation methodology for most businesses and is discussed in greater detail under Valuation Comments.

In order to effectively market a business for sale we need to prepare an Information Memorandum and to do so we require information, a summary of which forms part of this presentation.

Understanding what a buyer wants is half the battle. Satisfy their needs and the chances of sale at the right price increases dramatically.