Points of Difference

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For over 30 years, Graham Chilman, the Principal of Chilman Business, has been successful in selling businesses, primarily in South Australia. Graham works with clients and their advisors to help find the most appropriate way forward. A large network of contacts has been built up to help facilitate timely and effective results.

The business of selling businesses can be complex (and becoming more so). There are certain skills and traits required to successfully achieve desired results, some of them being as follows:

A Key Point of Difference; Track Record and ExperienceAs detailed in his CV, Graham has the runs on the board. This hard earned experience cannot be underestimated as a key ingredient in gaining results.


Credibility is critical to be effective in this industry. Without it, the sales process is often doomed. Graham has forged a reputation as a “straight shooter” particularly with the accounting profession.

An Uncommon Amount of Common Sense.

All too often common sense seems to be lost in the emotion or the detail of a business sales transaction. Keeping a reasonable equilibrium in an often difficult environment and finding ways to allow a transaction to proceed has been a hallmark of his success.

Keeping in Touch

One of the most frustrating aspects of selling a business is “being kept in the dark”. We keep the light on by keeping you informed.

Deal with the Principal

No “fobbing off” to an unproven beginner or average performer.

Focus on Results

Graham’s focus is on achieving your aims by implementing appropriate action.

Team Work

We do not pretend to know more than our clients about their own business. Instead we pride ourselves on working with our clients and their advisors to achieve the best results.

Data Base/Networking

We have built an invaluable and diverse network of contacts and a database of potential purchasers both locally and interstate which maximises our ability to match and service client needs.


We do understand the sensitivity associated with the sale of a business and have strategies focusing on this important issue.

Sticking to the Knitting

We don’t pretend to be all things to all people. Graham focuses entirely on selling businesses and associated activities (including assisting owners in how to best prepare their business to ensure it is ready for sale or buyer advice).

He can also facilitate through others a range of value added services such as written Valuations, Finance, Business Planning and other general consulting roles.

Relationship Builders

We find that most of our business is referral based, and that building long term relationships is not only satisfying but makes good business sense.